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Ken Meyer Jr.

Throughout his career, Ken Meyer Jr. has worked on projects all over the media world such as working on projects such as Everquest, doing some art for Marvel Comics, and even working on a few military designs, such as the tail insignia for the stealth fighter. Somehow in the middle of it all he also found time to illustrate some Magic: The Gathering cards, including early on starting with the Arabian Nights expansion.

A farmboy from Illinois with a gift for sketching, rk post was planning on a career as a veterinarian until illustration finally took over in his extensive college experience. By his graduation from Northern Illinois University in 1994, rk post was freelancing for the fantasy gaming industry doing interior illustration for several major game companies, gradually teaching himself how to paint with acrylics and eventually oils. rk garnered a staff illustration position at TSR and after its acquisition, continued in this capacity with new parent company Wizards of the Coast painting cover illustrations for games and novels. Rk has done over 100 cards for #mtg but his other freelance clients include White Wolf, WizKids, Fanpro, Microsoft (Mythica, X Box), LucasFilm, 20th Century Fox (both Aliens VS Predator), Sega (Dreamcast), Nintendo, Ballantine Books, Science Fiction Book Club, Hasbro (televsion and animation), Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, the History Channel, and Blizzard Entertainment (Daiblo 2, Worlds of Warcraft) and SOE (The Agency).

Randy “rk” Post

Jeff Laubenstein

Jeff has worked for several major Fantasy Game companies, including FASA, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast. He has been working in the field since the mid 80s and was the art director on the Earthdawn project. Most of the Earthdawn books contained at least several of his contributions. In the early Shadowrun game books, his work featured prominently, illustrating nearly all of the NPC portraits.

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